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Giver: Carrie & Corrie Reyment - LIV1440


To create a safe, effective and affordable way for community members to make a difference.

My passion comes from my personal battle with cancer.

I was diagnosed with cancer at age 25 (I made a quick and full recovery) but it made me sit back and think about the impact I am having on the world. Seeing other people “get it” is SO exciting. People really doing something outside themselves, for their community fires me up.

Every $5 is a massive accomplishment.

In the first six months of LIV1440, we gave back $4,400 to local non-profits. This is a result extraordinary individuals that sign as a LIV'ER on our website, and contribute $5 per month. We then take 100% of these donations to a local non-profit or charity. 

Our impact within the community..

    • 3 Family Dinner Nights at Howe School (low - income)

    • The heat bill for the month of February for an indoor (equestrian) riding arena for people with disabilities
    • A field trip to the local (nonprofit) zoo for an underprivileged Kindergarten class

    • Hospice care for a terminally ill pet through the local animal shelter

    • Red Dinnerware for a fixed dining site that serves the elderly so they can get out of their homes and socialize while they eat (and research has shown that people eat more off of red dinnerware)

    • The completion of a greenhouse at a local retreat center that has a CSA program



I felt lit up with joy at the moment of conception.

It's true. The moment the two of us came up with this idea, is a moment we'll never forget. Things got a little challenging to say the least in the first few weeks and months. Then when we saw our first impact video, I felt lit up with joy and bawled my eyes out of happiness of what we were creating! :) 

Here is the Howe School Family Dinner Night.

Unexpectedly we influenced the lives of our friends and family.

We have influenced the lives of our friends and family who have made positive changes, just from being a part of something bigger than themselves! For some reason, we thought strangers would be impacted the most. But to our surprise, some of our closest friends and family have had life-changing moments!

Our biggest challenge is getting people to see the value in contributing $5 per month.

We have had amazing volunteers show up out of nowhere. There are no shortage of local non-profits or charities that need help. The real challenge thus far is getting people to see the value in signing up for $5 per month. Even though it is a small amount, people are apprehensive. We believe it's because we're still so new, but every $5 brings us closer to giving back and making a difference. Over time, the results will stack up and the value will be impossible to ignore!

Wow, Thank you leaders!

My husband, Corey is the co-founder. It takes two! He does a lot of networking, signups, and awareness.

Nancy Gruse is our videographer. She has 3 kids and a full-time job. She shoots, produces and edits our videos, out of her personal time, all pro-bono.

Carlee White is our volunteer coordinator. She is great at managing people and running monthly events. She also built a greenhouse at local retreat center, helped facilitate all the people, and takes time off work to contribute with us.

Stephanie Bowers is our genius creative writer. She joined in May and each month she interviews and writes stories for each non-profit.

We're continuing to grow in our mission.

Our vision is to be the place people can trust 100% of their donation is going to a local program. We want to grow in $5 givers to be able to give back exponentially. And we want to make sure people know that small moments and small acts have a big impact!

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