Strike Away Cancer Bowling Bash

Giver: Jason Thole - Strike Away Cancer


Create a space in which money & awareness is raised for cancer research, while also honoring those we lost to cancer and celebrating those that have successfully battled the disease.

My passion comes from losing family members.

I've also lost relatives, as well as friends & family that have beat the disease. My wife lost her mother to cancer, and I was never given the chance to meet her. By raising money for research and creating awareness about the disease, one day soon we’ll be able to find a cure.

Through the creation of my project, over $15,000 was raised for research.

Also, one participant at the event was able to reconnect with several family members that he hasn't spoken to in many years. By sharing the bowling event with them, he's now going to spend Father’s Day with a part of his family that he's missed for years!

Community Impact

The bowling event was inspiring, not just for me, but for several others that attended as well. The American Cancer Society is ready to start planning next year’s event! At the event, we honored many cancer survivors by giving them a “Survivor” pin that they wore proudly. We even had 1 survivor tell his compelling story.


It's hard to pick just one moment, when I felt lit up with joy.

The whole event, from beginning to end, was full of excitement, joy and empowerment! If I had to pick just one, I'd say that about halfway through the event, when I stood on the stage as the Event Chair, and addressed the hundreds of people in attendance, that's when I was most lit up. As someone that typically isn't comfortable speaking in front of large crowds, 


I felt at ease, and very comfortable up there.

My biggest challenge was giving up control of the project.

Also letting my various leaders do their part to create a successful event. As someone who thinks “it won't be done right if I don't do it myself”, it was hard for me (in the beginning), to enroll leaders and let them contribute. But once I let go of the attachment to creating a perfect event, I soon realized that the perfect event would only be perfect if I gave up my act.

I'm amazed by each and every person’s involvement in my project.

Without everyone's support and generous donations, the event would have never happened. I would like to personally thank the following three people: Darren Shapiro, Lisa Roe, & Dana Daniels from ACS.


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