Teaching Tech to Students Oversees

Giver: Mike Miklavic


To help under-represented groups of people participate in the global economy through technology.

My passion comes from my mentors and has fueled a desire to give back.

Our background is in building education technology for some of the world’s leading educational institutions including Harvard and MIT. We traveled to many places and noticed a recurring theme: a gap between university studies and current job markets. I was very fortunate to have mentors like Glenn House and Frank Perlmutter who pointed me in the right direction as a young college student. I always knew that when I had the chance, I’d try my very best to help other students, in the same way Glenn & Frank helped me.

The moment I felt lit up with joy.

After a long day spent time teaching students to build a specific game, I stepped outside to meet with the teachers for a few minutes and came back to witness several students starting to build their own games, unguided, and without being asked. They were using what we just taught them to create their own online worlds. The students just needed to be shown what’s possible and to be given access to the basic tools to get started.





The biggest challenge in accomplishing our mission.

Our hope is to improve the future sessions by having an ongoing component so the students will have ongoing mentorship.  The distance has been a challenge so far but we're working on hybrid in person and online sessions now.
So far we have run in-person sessions in Croatia and Barbados. We haven’t yet cracked the code on the ongoing basis. It’s our hope to develop a system to provide mentorship to the students long after we visit for the sessions.

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